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Adding Products to Cube Cart

Adding products to your Cubecart installation could not be easier. Just follow these Guidelines and with a little practice you’ll be an expert. 


To add products logon to your cube cart’s control panel.  The section that you control your products in is the “Catalog”. All the following procedures will be in this area.

1. Create the category that the product will be listed in. Just click “Add Category” and a little box appears. Enter the name of the category, by choosing the category level you can even add “Sub-Category’s , in very large stores this might be recommended. Leaving it at the “Top Level” will show the category in the home page of the store. You can also use a image to highlight the category by clicking “Upload new Image” 

cubecart add category

2. Now it’s time to actually add a product,  simply click “Add Product” ,  a screen appears and simply do the following 

  • Product Name,   name your product,   hint: try to make it short and descriptive
  • Stock Number, not necessary in most cases, if you reorder merchandise from a wholesaler it would be a god idea to use the manufacturers stock number
  • Description,  be as descriptive as possible ( remember, the search engines will be looking at it also ), use it like a word processor, use the highlight buttons and make it look as inviting as possible.
  • Category, try to match it to its closest category
  • Image, upload a picture of the item.  IMPORTANT, take the clearest picture you can, crop the image and then resize it so that the width is no larger then 400 pixels across , we recommend 375-390 pixels for the best results.  If you don;t have software to do this you can use Google’s Picassa available at http://picasa.google.com/.  It works fairly well and best of all it’s free !
  • Normal Price, the price of your item.
  • Sale Price, If you are using the sale price function you can enter the sale price here.
  • Weight, this is useful for different shipping options
  • Tax Class, If you collect sales tax you can choose options here.
  • Stock Level, this is useful if you monitor the actual stock levels etc. , in most cases you should not use stock levels, when the stock level reaches “Zero” the item will display “Out of Stock”.
  • Product Type,   In most cases it will be a “Tangible” product, if you are selling a computer program , video etc. it would be considered digital
  • Include in Home Page, if you want a thumbnail image of your latest product on the home page , enter yes

That’s it, Just click “Add Item” and the item is listed for sale !

If after its up and running you can always edit the products easily by going to “View Products” and clicking “Edit” next to your items name

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