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How do I Turn Off Pop-up Blockers?

Turning off pop-up blockers is fairly easy. The problem is that many people have numerous pop up blockers running at the same time. Internet explorer comes with its own pop up blocker and many toolbars such as Yahoo with the most popular being the Google Toolbar.  It’s important to find all the pop up blockers and have only one running at a time. The list below is the most common.

How to turn off individual pop up blockers

Internet Explorer:   Click  “Tools” (on the top) and a drop down box appears to turn off the pop up blocker

Google Toolbar: To the right of the toolbar click “Settings”, then click “options”. A separate window appears, click the tab marked “More” and a few lines down you will see the check box to “Enable pop up blocker”, remove the check from the box to disable the pop up blocker

Microsoft “Live” Toolbar : As The pop up blocker in this toolbar is actually a downloaded option it works a little differently. There is no option to temporarily disable it, you must un-install the button to actually disable it. To do this click the “Down Triangle just to the right of the windows symbol on the toolbar and go to toolbar options. If the pop-up blocker isn’t displayed under “Manage Buttons” it is not installed you need not go further.  If it is, go to “uninstall buttons” , put a check box next to pop-up blocker and click uninstall.

Yahoo Toolbar: Similar to Microsoft Live toolbar, first you must go to “settings”  and then “add/edit” buttons to make the the pop up blocker button visible. Once it is visible you can simply click the small triangle to the right of the pop up button tab and remove the check mark next to “Enable pop up blocker”


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