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Let's Face It: Customers Are Sick To Death of Pop-Ups, Fly-Ins, and Pop-Unders!!

Advertising Is Supposed To Attract More Sales - Not Scare Them Away, Right?!? Right!! -- Well, Welcome To The Ultimate,Non Intrusive, Cutting-Edge, Most Incredible Advertising Method Available Today...

"Visitors Are Actually Excited To See Your Ads!"

Consumers are exposed to hundreds maybe even thousands of commercial messages per day in one form or another -- from the boring, copy-laden radio commercial to the easily skimmed, forgettable newspaper ad, to the billboard on the side of the bus to the logo on the side of the building and finally to those annoying Pop-Ups you see on every other website!

Isn't there something else? Something that is less intrusive yet more effective. A type of advertisement that makes my customers WANT to see it, instead of Repelling them from your site?

YES! Finally There Is! It's a New Breed of Ads that's not only pleasing to the eye, but also incredibly effective in drawing in your customer's attention, causing them to click, and most importantly getting more of them to reach for their wallets because they're actually interacting with your ads now instead of running from them.

Here's How It Works.

The customer sees a small animation on the top right corner of a page.

Once he or she passes his mouse over it the Web site shows the Ad.

melt away example

BUT...These Non Intrusive, Super Effective ads have been available only to Big Corporations with deep advertising pockets...

Until Now !

The perfect way to get that extra attention without the complaints of your customer. Our Ads are a proprietary technology that display a small animation known as a as "Curl" on your Web site on the Top Right Corner (see on our right corner). If a Web site visitor moves the mouse over the  Ad it smoothly opens with the  animation.

That's Nice, But How Does It Benefit Me?

  • Increase Your Monthly Earnings Use the  Ads to increase your monthly income! Make extra money with affiliate programs, products and services, or rent advertising space in your own Home Page. The only limit is your imagination!
  • Enjoy Higher Click Through Rates - Because of human curiosity this new type of ad generates a very high click through rate! Use it for your Web site, special product offers, statistics and much more.
  • Rotate Multiple Ads - Want to sell advertisement space on your site? Our Ads allows you to rotate multiple ads on your site. (extra charge applies)
  • Supports 98% of online Users - Our Ads are supported by all web browsers since it uses the Adobe Flash Player. Yes, you reach 98% of all Internet Viewers!!
  • One Time Payment - That's right! There's no recurring costs whatsoever. Once you purchase your ad,its done, the only charge you might ever incur is to change the graphics or “Landing Page

You don't have to be genius to figure out that higher click through rates on your advertisements mean a hire income for you.

Don't waste time on the same old junk. Banner ads are invisible, Text ads are crowded and Pop-ups are just plain annoying . With Our Ads there's money to be made!

Here is what you get when you buy Our Ads today:

  • Installation of the scripts to your existing home page
  • Custom Landing page written to your specifications, Great for monthly specials, coupons etc. !
  • All Custom Graphics related to the installation
  • Totally Turn-Key and Ready to go !

And best of all...

You Don't Have To Mortgage Your House!

Have you seen what the so called "Online Agencies" charge for "Effective Advertising" these days? You almost have to take out a second mortgage to afford it.

Don't get us wrong, some of that stuff is great, but you shouldn't start there. Build an effective strategy to convert what you have, then decide if you want to pay others to drive more traffic to your site, once you know your advertisements convert. First things first.

That's why we're doing something unheard of...

We could easily charge you $399  for this, because that would still be a crazy cheap price for what you're getting, and still way cheaper than any other half-way decent (but not as good) "advertising method" out there...but we won't.

We thought $99, would be a fair price  considering you can easily make that back with the increased income generated from your site

But We want our new and existing customers to benefit from this great new technology !

So For a Limited time only we are offering this service for Only

$79 !!

Order Today !

Curl Away Ads

Curl Away ads, The Most Effective way to drive sales on any Existing Website !


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