Mort’s Biography

Mort was born sometime around May of 2004.  Originally from a Unknown silicone manufacturing plant somewhere in Southern California, He decided that he wanted to move to Florida.  Having very little money posed a problem for Mort  so he figured  that the best way would be to sell himself on Ebay. Afraid of getting lost in cyberspace, he traveled to South Florida by UPS.  Arriving in South Florida and feeling ill from the trip he decided that he needed medical care and naturally wanted the very best. Stopping in at Northwest Medical Center in Margate Florida  for treatment,  it was discovered that he had many medical issues, but the great staff at Northwest  managed to get him well enough to be discharged, so off he went looking for not only a home but for also employment.

The Rest is history, Mort has been a great employee for us at Hire Intelligence. He never calls in sick, works almost 16 hours a day and never complains.

Check back at this web site often  to follow the adventures of Mort !

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