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Morts Mexican Vacation

Mort Goes on a love cruise and Gets Married ! He promised he’d be gone for just a few days and now he wants another week off for a Honeymoon ! Congratulations to the Lucky Couple!  What’s Next a raise?

The Wedding Pictures are still being developed, but here are some highlights of his vacation

Mort Only Travels in Style. Cruises are the Only Way to Go !

Arriving in Mexico, Mort Stops at a souvenir stand and poses for the Ladies!

Mort Adapts a Pet , His life is almost complete ! But He has no name,use MortMail To Submit one !

Mort and His Crusis Ship
Mort Posing for the Ladies

Even Mort Likes to Have Fun !


Laughing It Up with his Old Friend Captain Morgan

Party Time With The Ladies !  Everybody Loves Mort !


Mort Flirting with a pretty Senorita


More Mort Coming Soon !

Morts FAvorite Beach, Click to Download the full picture, great for a windows background !

Morts Favorite Beach In Mexico

(click here to download a great windows background)

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