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After years of trial and error we cannot consciously recommend any particular Anti-Virus for the average home user. Seems like many of the “Free” anti virus programs are just as good as the commercial ones. 


Pop-Ups, Adware, Spyware Etc.



The first and most important is a good firewall.

Our #1 Pick is Zone Alarm, Its easy to use and  does not slow down your computer.

avastNext, Make sure to have a Good Anti-Virus installed.

We are currently recommending  Avast Anti-Virus as a great alternative to the commercial packages.

 ( Don’t forget our report on “Phishing”).

After trying Just about Everything we found some great programs to combat Internet nasty’s !

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Is that Last E-Mail a Hoax? Do I have a Virus on my Computer? Use our Free On Line Virus Checker to find Out !

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The Number 1 Password program.

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